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Bond yields are up.

And you know what that means — fixed mortgage rates are now up, too.

5-year bond yields just hit a 20-month high, and Canadian mortgage lenders are feeling the heat.


Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approved

Aren’t these both kinda the same thing?

Not quite. Each of these is a good start to your mortgage process (that ends with a full approval to buy a house). But one is more serious than the other if you get close to buying a home. Let us explain.


Should you choose a variable or fixed rate?

Right now, our 2021 variable rates are insanely low.

Which has opened up an even wider gap between our variable and fixed rates. So even if the prime rate goes up (and it will), there’s still plenty of room to stash a pile of cash with a variable-rate mortgage.


Mortgage Broker vs Mortgage Specialist.

Broker vs specialist: what’s the difference?

To most consumers outside of the mortgage space, the terms “mortgage broker” and “mortgage specialist” would seem interchangeable – but they aren’t. As a potential homeowner, the differences are more important than you might think.


Do This…But Not That…mortgage

Avoid a fumble on your mortgage pre-approval process.

A home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so let’s get it right. Here are some good things to do, and not do, when getting pre-approved.


How does different debt affect your approval?

Dream of owning a home, or a different home? Your debt is a big part of the (mortgage) picture that you need to consider. Here’s how lenders see your debt when you want to buy a home or property in Canada.


Want to buy your Airbnb?

You loved where you stayed for holidays. And you can’t help but think, “Hey, maybe it’s time to buy our own investment getaway.” What are your mortgage options in Canada?